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brook mae

I am so honored you are considering me to style your hair for your special event or wedding!

Written below you will find more information about hairstyling services as well as how to inquire to book 


There are so many hairstylist to pick from ~ and I truly believe there is someone for everyone & I  also understand and appreciate that I am not for everyone. With that being said I want to make sure you get your dream hair and have an amazing experience in the process --


I think we will be a good fit if ~ 

  • You would describe yourself as more of a naturally girly, you have the free spirit vibe about you & you and your bridal party are go with the flow, easygoing, no drama kind of people!

  • You see multiple styles of my work that you like and would want. ( I would describe my style as kinda a modern / chic / elevated "boho" style.

  • Getting your hair styled for your special day is on the top of your priority list ~ and knowing who is styling your hair is important to you.

Brook Mae Hairstyling was created to provide the free spirits of the world with a unique and custom way to express themselves on their special day.


We probably aren't a good fit if ~ 

  • Either you or anyone in your bridal party would describe yourself / themself as particular or a  perfectionist!

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with this and I respect it so much because I am the exact opposite, and having these qualities could probably help me in some areas of my life, haha! HOWEVER, I  would consider myself a very artsy / creative / free spirit so I tend to approach hairstyling with these qualities so we probably won't be a good fit!

  • Getting your hair styled for your special day is more something you just need to check off your to-do list, rather than a priority to you!

    • Again, absolutely NOTHING wrong with this. When I got married there were things that were more important to me than others, for example : florals were not so my mom and I shopped hobby lobby deals and made everything ourselves. If this is how you feel about hair I would reach out to a bigger company that has multiple stylist that work for them, you probably will get a better deal ​and the whole process will most likely be more simplified and a better fit for you. 

  • You don't see any of the hairstyles you want on my page or portfolio - If this is the case I would really encourage you to find a hairstylist that has multiple styles of work you would want, on their page! 

  • I appreciate you taking the time to read through this and if you don't think we will be a good fit, I am more than happy to send you in the direction of a stylist that I think will better suit you. You can just send me a message on Instagram if this is the case!


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I take a limited amount of bookings each year to truly focus on each and every one. I give custom quotes for each project based on all the details/factors involved ; total services needed, destination, time frame getting ready, etc.

Listed below is a button for you to fill out my inquiry form so I can gather all these details about what you will be needing and from there I will send your CUSTOMIZED quote.


However, it does take a little bit of time fill out so I want to give you these basics before you do so just to make sure we are a good fit ~


I am based out of Colorado Springs, CO and will travel just about anywhere!

  • Travel within Colorado is charged @ $1.35/ mile - if the location you are getting ready at is more than 2 hours away from Colorado Springs lodging will be required. 

    • Service minimums for groups start at $875​, and can go up to max - 11 add on services up to $2,000 as a total group. ( required add ons may include - early start fee, venue change, etc.)

    • Service minimums for individuals start at $335

  • If you are wanting to travel to my studio in Old Colorado city ~ services start at $235 / person. (This includes trials - trials are only available for booked brides.)

  • Out of state / country bookings subject to flight, rental car, lodging.

Thank you so much again for considering me, I can't wait to see your inquiry details and chat more! Fill out all your details / inquire here : 


Having Brook style my hair for our elopement was the best decision and ultimate gift to myself. Her expert skills and flare for beautiful boho hairstyles were apparent in her portfolio, and I booked her services in hopes of securing peace of mind and great hair for our day of adventure. Brook over-delivered on both counts. What I didn’t know until we met in person was just how incredibly calming and magical Brook’s energy is. She is pure joy to be around, a true gem of a human! Over the moon is the best way to describe how I feel about the dream hair she gave me. And I’m forever grateful for those morning moments I was lucky enough to spend in Brook’s chair!
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+ the exact amount of services you will need :

You won't be able to remove services after booking, however, you can add service up to 8 weeks prior to your event date *subject to availability and timeline*.

+ What time you need to be ready by :

1 hour per service and 1.5-2 hours for the bride is REQUIRED. Please take note of this when inquiring total service amount. See "know before booking" for more tips on planning :) 

+ Be ready to sign a contract and pay a deposit : 

Deposits for Colorado weddings require a $300 deposit, out of state/country wedding booking deposit's are subject to location. 

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